Mystery RIDDLES Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve - Azzyland & Gloom

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Azzyland - Mystery RIDDLES Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve - Azzyland & Gloom - 7 Second Riddles:
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  • like anna hanse in frozen 1

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  • Azzy needs to do another one of these

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  • Azzy: "you can't fall in love with someone after a few days" me: *fell in love with someone i met online after knowing them for 2 day" ->-

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  • I’m only six and I get nightmares to. everybody has nightmares SO OK But I,m Still a big big big big big big big fun OK BACK TO VID

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  • i love your videos azzy

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  • The vampire and the werwolf sound like twilight

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  • Azzy:riddles Kassie:huh Riddles:answer my question

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  • I really interested in this!

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  • We don't even like you

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  • What's the in the right corner

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  • Make a next song

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  • Who eats pizza like that she should be arrested 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • No i read this when i was more in the middle

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  • Can you two look up Project Nightfall and do a reaction video to the Luckiest People of All Time Caught On Camera?

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  • watching whilie one tooth is wobbly and the other hurts :

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  • Did you notes Wills sons name is Bill like money Bill🤑

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  • The most important thing about this

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  • Did you no that if you become a vampire that you will never see your family again!!!

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  • And sorry azzy

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  • Kassie/Gloom +Azzy made their name into kazzie😁 Thier are best friends forever🥰

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    • Their*

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  • but if he is a vampire he would not show up in the photo

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  • i love riddes im 91

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  • 8:27 Actually, it's scientifically proven that it takes a man only a few minutes to fall in love, and takes a few days for a woman to fall in love, so it is very possible that he fell in love with her in such a short period of time.

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  • I’m suprised y’all didn’t bring up twighlit during the werewolf and vampire one

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  • I we who’ve got the best of the most likely to be the best friend

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  • Why did the girl have two razors if she’s single 😂

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  • azzy:"you can't fall in love with someone after a few days" weebs:*falling in love after a character with 2 seconds of screen time that they just saw*

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  • Who agrees that Cassie and azzy should make a Chanel for the two of them

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  • hi azzy i'm your bigest fan

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  • Werwolf casually trying to flirt with a married women

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  • please do another one please

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  • My mom and dad fell in love in 2 days

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  • Good luck with your dreams

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  • 10:09 it was the first one

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  • You guys have to make a channel for riddlers

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  • Who else found a random video of azzyland one day and has been watching every video ever since?

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  • i dont think that fred was staring into the room, he just saw that she was in her room all day while he was doing garden ..stuff

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  • 2:28 There's gonna be Fred x Becky fanfic now

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  • That vampire Vlad thing,Right after I got a vampire add for kitkats

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  • 1:49 does anyone notice the mario face

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  • Not days dates

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  • Kassie and azzy I wanna say something to you guys...YOU BOTH ARE SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!Also i'm subscribed to both of you!! You both are awesome people and I wish I could meet you both irl. I really wanna be friends with you guys so much!!! but that probobly won't happen and you probobly won't even see this..but that's ok!! well that's all I wanted to say love you both and if one of you see's this please show each other!! - Blueberry

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  • Why are they using gacha clubs pictures/images

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  • I saw pear couple

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  • Y this first ridddle remind me sm of twilight? Anyone else?

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  • Why did I not think about riddles when Azzy said time of the month? Girls will understand what I’m getting at...

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  • I have a riddle but this man has been kidnap and this is my riddle Find the spelling of _ _ _ _ hello loves pepole coment and like if you get it

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  • Azzy:you can't fall in love in a few days Me:I have

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  • It's possible to fall in love with someone after a few dates. One of my family friends engaged to their girlfriend after three days. and they are currently 67 and still married.

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  • When it said they follow love after a few days well that’s what they said it legit said dates LOL

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  • like howmany time azzy declious

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  • Science racks more like love facts

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  • ''Is the leaning Pissa tower in Paris?'' *close youtube*

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  • Anyone else notice that with the poster thing lady, Azul said it was in France.. But isn't that Italy? Idk, can't really remember, pls reply in the comments.. If u know that is :D (Btw, like the video and go support Azzy and Gloom ✨💛✨

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