The Craziest and Most Bizarre Shoes Ever !

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Azzyland - The Craziest and Most Bizarre Shoes Ever !
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  • Trampoline shoes....ummm moon shoes lol

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  • The fish make y sick

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  • is it just me or is this way better when you watch it at 2x speed

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  • 1:02 what is it?

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  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

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  • I never heard about that you.??

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  • When azzy said tilapya i said i eat tilapya is filipino food kinda

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  • Who else thought Azzy always said bye guys not Bye-bye

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  • Offiser shoot a dog and it is daed and sad woch that video

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  • I like the fish one because I would like to take my fish everywhere even school

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  • 2:22 I did the fish thing before it's super ticklish and fun and btw the drain the. water every time. someone new does it but my feet felt low key sooooofffttt

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  • This made my brother lose his mind but in a good way😂

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  • You can get a diseases from them eating the dead skin off your feet

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  • Azzy: Alice In Azzy Land....Wonderland 👁️👄👁️ Me: Good Pun Azzy :3

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  • These shoes are crazy

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  • Are some of these even shoes?

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  • Is it me, or does Azzyland's eyes look like a real life animation?

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  • Never eat Oreos you know where cause that’s wildflower and then you can even look it up for yourself and I believe in it because I looked it up and said yeah

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  • Word of the video: Shoes

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  • today our art teacher told us to design shoes with an extra

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  • Can fire be shoes

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  • Real fact! Fish that eat dead skin are yes tickelish but there is a fish from costa rica that nibbles your feet but can make you sick and end up in the hospital! Lucky for us these fish are very rare and not found often! Sry just wanted to point a fact

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  • On 3:33 , its not a she but a he ... But he's fricking amazing!!!! Those shoes are DIY only!!!

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  • Me: I have the worst shoes 👠 Me after watching the video: 👁👁👁 i have the best shoes Who agrees??

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  • Yes trampoline shoes are a thing Moonwalkers

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