GENIUS FOOD INVENTIONS we need in our life right now !

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Azzyland - GENIUS FOOD INVENTIONS we need in our life right now !
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  • I watched this video before but realised today that this was published on my birthday

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  • waffle spoon :o

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  • Hi 🙂

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  • I was the first one to invent the sda ice cube

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  • Her Title : GENIUS FOOD INVENTIONS we need in our life right now ! Real Title: AZZY MAKING FUN of inventions %50 of the video! No hate

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  • F- 43/2

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  • Nice vi but the Appel thing is so cool not going to lie

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  • i hate ice cream cups

    Chris MillerChris Miller6 päivää sitten
  • Am I the only one who really like the baked Lay's

    Lucia PerrettaLucia Perretta7 päivää sitten
  • Honestly I hate ice cream

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  • i remember like two years ago and she made a vid like this and it had that pordable toaster thing and she was like iTs GeNiUs!!!!

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  • Y' know , I put the milk before the cereal beacause I don't need to move the milk to a bowl and i like the cereals crunchy UwU

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  • f i barely use a cone

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  • The apple peeler was for peeling apples for pies mostly I have one and it doesn’t need to be on your counter all the time you can take it off easy

    Samantha GamacheSamantha Gamache17 päivää sitten
  • The bottle opener : we have it in our place

    Bhavya HawkzBhavya Hawkz17 päivää sitten
  • Azzi dont u hate being wrong the soda gets on the lid and just gooood down the bottle

    Arlene KearneyArlene Kearney18 päivää sitten
  • That’s so cold pizza cutter the round cutter the run knife it’s so sharp that my dad literally almost cut his entire hand off and he only lightly caressed it on his hand it itches when sliced now he has a big scar on his hand it’s bad I don’t trust those things

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  • Random thing I've never tried tea and then I did and it taste good

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  • I have a Jar Key

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  • I have the apple thing but mine does not attach to the counter it suctions on and you can take it off a put it in a cupboard or something.

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  • I love soggy cereal coz it is easier to bite and its soft

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  • 9:11 “I don’t need to explain why you don’t need this” Lauren “I NEED THOSE EVERY DAY IN MY LIFE!!!”

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  • The apple one I had growing up. My mum would use it for lunches and make yoyo apples for our school lunch

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  • I have one of those things that peels the apples

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  • The reason you would smell like lemon the woods is to repel ticks it really works trust me I love the woods!

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  • My mom has the apple peller coror thingy

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  • I love your videos

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  • I have one of the apple cutter things at my home and it is used for apples

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  • I have one of those Apple slicers peeler things and we use it all the time to cut our apples to make pies and other desserts.

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  • is it just me or after every video azzy says stay awesome and stay sweet and dont forget to be nice to eachother

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  • if anyone likes peguins like this message.penguins are the cutest

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  • You fry the potato and then it’s soft then you put it in that fry thing

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  • My grandmother has one of the what azzy calls instant fries

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  • Hi azzy and I live on a island and we have a lot of pizza pringles in Trinidad and Tobago

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  • F lol 7:19 idk why but I like cups better

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  • I need a portadil tostir

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  • 1:32 I have that

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  • Roses r red violets r blue azzy didn’t say who rased u!!!

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  • when you have one of these inventions. (the apple slinky maker like the second or third one)

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  • I havethe apple cutter

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  • First video of 2020

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  • So am l a genius too because the Oreo thing l that every time

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  • TEAM CUP-(me :)

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